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A little about me (alot actually)

Hi my name is Gabriel Palacios and I am currently 15 years old. Some of my favorite things to do is mess with computers, read books, and study more on the many subjects I love. Some of these subjects include but are not limited to computer science, programming, and bioengineering. Only two of these subjects are degrees I will be working towards. These degrees are in order from Masters to Bachelors to Associates. Masters: Computer Science, Programming, Applied Mathematics, Cryptography,Cryptanalysis. Bachelors:Electrical Engineering, Cryptology. Associates: Chemistry. I am aiming to get into Caltech and so I will be working my ass off to get in. My career plan is to first after graduating from college which will take around 8-12 years(hopefully less) I then plan on applying for a job at a networking company and try to work in the cybersecurity department. This should go on for maybe 2-4 years as I need just enough money to go for all of the offensive security certifications needed. Then the rest of the money goes into attempting to found a cybersecurity consultant firm so that I can help companies improve their security. I then plan on doing that for years until I feel ive had enough, then I plan on starting a reptile store and express my passion for reptiles. All of this will be happening in a span of 20-30 years if all goes well. Anywho priorities change, and I dont think the NSA or FBI is a good place for me.

Projects I am working on

  1. Learn Buffer and Stack Overflow based exploiting
  2. Make a Python Program that grabs my routers logs and stores them in an external hardrive or a local storage server I can set up
  3. Learn OOP for Python
  4. Study for OSCP certification (I know I need parents permission once im 16)
  5. Learn more android programming to make it so hulk.py can work on androids, making for a mobile,ease of use Dos tool.

Here are the links to my other disastorous works

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Contact info (Notify me if there are any spelling errors, broken links, or images not loading)

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