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Harambe, the god, has begun terrorizing the city of Cincinnati, he then moves onto Pennsylvania and is camped in Gettysburg,check out the updated story using the link provided below


Boy tells about his damaging fall into a gorillas pen stating simply He saved me

The boy is recooperating in a pysch ward after having a mental breakdown following the news of Harambe's death. In his room he writes constantly, repeating the phrase "He will come back". After news of Harambe's rampage reached him, he demanded to be taken to Pennsylvania, to join Harambe and his chimps. After his mother refused he began to stab her and ran away. He is still at large, if you have any info about his whereabouts please contact this number: 1-800-968-7495

Zookeeper responsible for the injury of gorilla being sued over $10 Billion in damages

Zookeeper Rick Harrison is being sued on charges of attempted murder. Here a transcript of what happened in the courtroom: Judge:"How do you plead Mr.Harrison?" Rick Harrison:"Im Rick Harrison and this is my pawn shop" Judge:" Mr.Harrison I do not have time for games, how do you ple-" Rick Harrison:" I work here with my old man and my son big hoss" Judge: MR HARRISON HOW DO YOU PLEAD" Rick Harrison:"In 23 years ive learned that you never know what is going to walk through that door" Judge:" MR HARRISON IF YOU DO NOT TELL US HOW YOU PLEAD WE WILL REMOVE YOU FROM THIS COURT AND YOU WILL BE TAKEN TO JAIL " Rick Harrison:" Im sorry but I cant go that high" Judge:" Take him away" Rick Harrison:"Let me talk to one of my experts".

HTML Im Rick Harrison and this is my pawn shop

DICLAIMER we are in no way associated with Fox news they, like us, dont even report real news anyways.